About SA Amphitryon


Student Association Amphitryon was founded on the 8th of October 1951 and since its founding connected to the Hotel Management School Maastricht. The former Director of HMSM, Mr. Spronck, asked five students to establish Amphitryon. These five students are the founders of Amphitryon, these are: Jos Schoenmakers, Louis Terlien, Cees van Oosterhout, Jan Gravendeel and Paul Specken.

Our association colours are red and green and are linked to the city of Maastricht and the Brand beer brewery, which is our Platinum Sponsor since 1953.

Both Amphitryon and the Hotelschool were originally located in the Grand Hôtel du Lévrier and de l'Aigle Noir at the Boschstraat. In 1953, both the Campus and the Society moved to the district of Limmel, in the Châtheau Bethlehem castle. The association magazine "Amphitryon" soon became "Pottenkijker" and then "Tastevin". Since 1975 we have our current association magazine, the "Presse Canard". In the 1970s, the first women arrived at the Hotelschool and thus at our association.

Club Bar

The first bar was in the building on the Boschstraat. In 1953, it moved to the Château Bethlehem. In 1971 the bar went to the hayloft and in 1984 the bar went back to the bread cellar. In 1987, the construction of our current Society began and officially opened in 1989.


At this moment, Student Association Amphitryon consists of a number of groups such as committees, fraternities, quadrants and year clubs. Of course there is also a Board of SA Amphitryon. Besides this, SA Amphitryon also has a lot of different honorary titles and sponsors ánd is part of the Alliance. On this page you will find all the information about the different groups we have!

Bestuur Bakker 2019-2020

Hotel Management School Maastricht

Studentenvereniging Amphitryon is verbonden aan de Hotel Management School Maastricht. De Hotel Management School Maastricht kan bogen op een rijke traditie. Al ruim 65 jaar levert zij getalenteerde professionals aan de internationale hotellerie. In zeer veel landen bekleden oud-studenten cruciale managementfuncties. Zij zijn ambassadeurs en zorgen ervoor dat het instituut een uitstekende naam heeft in binnen- en buitenland.